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What is AS NZS 1163?

AS/NZS 1163 is a joint Australian and New Zealand standard that encompasses various aspects of structural steel and steel products. It provides specifications for cold-formed structural steel hollow sections, outlining requirements for manufacturing, testing, and dimensional tolerances. Here’s an exploration of AS/NZS 1163, focusing on steel grades and applications, among other aspects.

What is AS NZS 1163?
What is AS NZS 1163?

Steel Grades:

AS/NZS 1163:
– Steel Grades: AS/NZS 1163 defines different steel grades, such as
*AS NZS 1163 C250 CHS;
*AS NZS 1163 C350 CHS;
*AS NZS 1163 C450 CHS.
The numerical designation corresponds to the specified minimum yield strength of the steel.
– Chemical Composition: The standard stipulates specific chemical composition requirements to ensure that the steel possesses the necessary mechanical and structural properties.

*L0 designation indicates guaranteed impact strength properties at 0°C.

Applications of AS/NZS 1163 CHS:

AS/NZS 1163:
– Main Focus: The primary focus of AS/NZS 1163 is on structural steel and cold-formed hollow sections for use in various construction and engineering applications.
– Usage: AS/NZS 1163 steel is commonly employed in the construction of buildings, bridges, infrastructure, and other structural projects where load-bearing capacity and structural integrity are critical.
– Versatility: It is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its versatility and ability to provide efficient structural support.

Manufacturing and Testing:

AS/NZS 1163:
– Manufacturing Standards: The standard outlines the manufacturing processes for cold-formed structural steel hollow sections, including requirements for welding, forming, and surface finish.
– Testing Requirements: AS/NZS 1163 specifies various tests, such as tensile tests, flattening tests, and bend tests, to ensure that the steel sections meet the required mechanical properties.

AS NZS 1163 Pipe Types:

-RHS: Rectangle Hollow Section
-CHS: Circular Hollow Section
-SHS:Square Hollow Section

Compliance and Certification:

AS/NZS 1163:
– Compliance: Products manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1163 must comply with the specified requirements outlined in the standard.
– Certification: Compliance with the standard is typically verified through certification processes, ensuring that the steel sections meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

Environmental Considerations:

AS/NZS 1163:
– Sustainability: The standard may include considerations for environmentally sustainable practices in the production of steel sections, aligning with modern expectations for environmentally friendly construction materials.

AS/NZS 1163 plays a crucial role in the standardization and quality assurance of structural steel used in construction projects in Australia and New Zealand. The defined steel grades and stringent specifications ensure that the material meets the necessary strength and durability requirements for diverse structural applications. The standard not only contributes to the safety and reliability of structures but also reflects the commitment to quality and performance in the construction industry of the region.

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